How to style an African Print dress

Styling an African print dress can be a fun and creative process that allows you to showcase the vibrant patterns and colors of the fabric while expressing your personal style. We have put together some tips on styling an African print dress:


1. Keep it Simple:

Let the dress be the focal point of your outfit by keeping the rest of your look simple and understated. Opt for neutral accessories and minimal jewelry to allow the print to shine.

2. Play with Contrasts:

Experiment with mixing different textures and patterns to create visual interest. For example, pair your African print dress with a denim jacket or leather sandals for a modern twist.

3. Add a Belt:

Define your waist and add structure to your outfit by cinching a belt around your waist. Choose a belt in a complementary color or texture to enhance the overall look.


4. Layer with Basics:

Layer your African print dress with basic pieces like a white t-shirt or a solid-colored blazer for a more casual or professional look. This adds versatility to your wardrobe and allows you to wear your dress in different settings.


5. Accessorize Thoughtfully:

Choose accessories that complement the colors and motifs of your dress. Statement earrings, a bold necklace, or a colorful scarf can add an extra pop to your outfit without overpowering the print.

6. Mix and Match:

Don't be afraid to mix and match different prints and patterns for a bold and eclectic look. Just make sure to balance the proportions and colors to avoid overwhelming your outfit.

7. Experiment with Silhouettes:

African print dresses come in a variety of silhouettes & styles. From fitted to flared, short or maxi. Experiment with different styles to find one that flatters your body type and suits your personal taste.


8. Footwear Choices:

Depending on the occasion and your personal style, you can pair your African print dress with sandals, heels, sneakers, or boots. Choose footwear that complements the overall vibe of your outfit and provides both comfort and style.

9. Hair and Makeup:

Consider your hair and makeup when styling your African print dress. Opt for a hairstyle that complements the neckline and silhouette of your dress, and choose makeup that enhances your natural features without overpowering your look.


10. Confidence is Key:

Ultimately, the most important element of styling an African print dress is confidence. Wear your dress with pride and let your personality shine through. After all, fashion is about self-expression and feeling good in what you wear.


To help you in building or adding to your African print fashion wardrobe, we have compiled a list of some of the best contemporary African print fashion brands we know you will love!


Karentino boutique - www.karentinoboutique.com

Grassfields - www.grassfields.com

Laviye - www.laviye.com

 Ofuure - www.ofuure.com

 Kiki Clothing - www.kikiclothing.com

Cumo London - www.cumolondon.com

M.A.DKollection - www.madkollection.com


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